Frequently Asked Questions


  • Why should I register?

    Sure, you don't have to, but... registered users gain some special privileges:

    • Can comment games
    • Can create cool profiles with own website link, IM contact etc.
    • Can suggest games that should be added to FlashGround.net
    • Can collect points and increase their rank
    • Can easily create favourite games collection and share it with friends
    • Can attend to our contests
    • Can get newsletter
  • How can I register?

    Simply by clicking this link: REGISTER, or by clicking JOIN US in the under the login form. Registration process is maximally simplified: set your login, email, password and you are done!

  • Why do you need my email?

    For two things: to recover your login data if you forget it and to fight with web-spam-bots (only one account per email). Also, if you are interested, you may get newsletter from time to time, but it is turned off by default.

  • How can I recover my password/login?

    Click HERE and type in your registration email, we will send you new login data. We don't keep your password in normal form in our databases, it is encoded, even administrators can't read it. That is why recovery system will send you new random password, you should change it after signing in by editing your profile.

Using FG

  • How do I use FG favourites?

    If you are signed in, you will see small menu under each game. Click star to add current game to your favourites. Browse your favourites by clicking 'Favourite games' link in your user box. Delete bookmarks by clicking sign in menu under the game or on your favourite games page.

  • How can I share my favourtie games with friends?

    If you are signed in, you can collect your favourite games on 'Favourte games' page. This page can be viewed by anyone so you can simply share a link. Also, you can click 'share with friends' on 'Favourte games' page to get code for your personalized banner. It is perfect for any forum or blog.

  • What is 'Last played games'?

    For your comfort we keep last few games you have played so you can return to them fast and easy.

  • How can I make a country flag to be displayed near my login?

    Click 'Edit profile' and pick 'Update profile data'. You can choose your country from the list in one of optional profile fields.

  • How can I suggest a game?

    If you are FG user, click SUBMIT A GAME in the main menu, and follow instructions. If you are not a FG user, you can send us game suggestion by email. Try Contact Us section on the bottom of each page.

  • Game does not load, what should I do?

    Probably game link is broken, you can report this by clicking broken in menu under the game (if you are signed in). We try to fix every reported link as soon as possible.

Points and Ranks

  • What are 'ranks and points'?

    Points are what you get (if you are registered and signed in) for using FlashGround.net (voting, commenting etc.). Ranks are what you get when you collect certain amount of points. More points, better rank.

  • How do I get points?

    There are four official ways to get points:

    • By voting (+1)
    • By commenting (+3)
    • By suggesting games (+15)
    • By sending us bugs / suggestions about website (from +5 to +50)
  • How many ranks are there? What are their names and point limits?

    There are 34 FG ranks:

    Junior Member 1/5100
    Junior Member 2/5200
    Junior Member 3/5300
    Junior Member 4/5400
    Junior Member 5/5500
    Cool Member 1/3600
    Cool Member 2/3700
    Cool Member 3/3800
    Good Player!900
    Active User 1/51000
    Active User 2/51100
    Active User 3/51200
    Active User 4/51300
    Active User 5/51400
    Active FG Player!1500
    Advanced Member 1/32000
    Advanced Member 2/32200
    Advanced Member 3/32400
    Super Member2600
    FG Maniac 1/42800
    FG Maniac 2/43000
    FG Maniac 3/43200
    FG Maniac 4/43400
    FlashGround VIP3600
    Awsome Player!3800
    Games Addict4000
    Games GOD4500
    FlashGround Superfan5000
    FlashGround Elite7500
    FlashGround Master10000
  • I've suggested a game but I don't get any points, what's wrong?

    Only suggestions that are accepted and used on site are rewarded. We need about 24h to read your suggestion and decide if game is good enough to put it on FlashGround.net. If so, you will automatically get 15 points.